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Assessment for Quality Improvement Rating 4.83/5

3 main areas of evaluation


 1. Programming
The program looks at what the children are doing while at the centre.

- Are the children’s learning experiences based on their  individual interests and needs?

-Are the learning experiences developmentally appropriate and do they allow children to build on existing skills?

2. Learning Environment 
The learning environment reviews expectations related to the play materials and looks to ensure the environment is safe for children and maintained in a hygienic manner.

- Are the play materials accessible to the children and is there enough for the number of children who want to use them?

- Are they developmentally appropriate and do they challenge the children to problem solve?

3. Interactions
A key component of a quality child care is how the staff/educators interact with the children.

- Are the staff actively engaged with children?

- Do the staff encourage and support the children to extend and enhance their learning?

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